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Copying / Duplication Services

Why Earth First?

1. One-Stop Source
Earth First has the most complete hassle-free solution to suit customers’ needs, from digital mastering through final packaging and shipping. Earth First offers a full range of media products in two categories: Pre-recorded and Recordable. Custom projects requiring unique shapes for specific applications are also available.

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2. Maximum Quality plus Competitive Prices:
Earth First gives all of its discerning customers the necessary competitive edge without compromising standards. Earth First has access to the most comprehensive resources and cost effective production processes for optical media manufacturing.

3. ACSS (Advanced Customer Service System):
Earth Firsts Project Consultants work exclusively as the customer’s interface so that specific needs are effectively communicated through the production process. This eliminates the inflexible standardized manufacturers who typically find it difficult to accommodate individual customers.

4. IPR Protection:
Earth First implements stringent protection measures for Intellectual Property Rights as an integral part of the manufacturer-client service agreement. ACCS ensures complete protection throughout all production and delivery processes

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