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Sales Terms

1: We reserve the right to supply 3% above or below the quantity ordered.

2: Payment is due in full on the day of the order.

Should Earth First Website Development and Hosting Ltd not receive

payment all costs of the collection process will be payable by the customer.

We reserve the right to charge interest at 5% per annum above Westpac's

base rate for commercial lending on overdue accounts from due date until

the date of payment.

3: We accept no liability for any loss sustained through late delivery from

any cause whatsoever including negligence.

4: An order may not be cancelled except upon terms that will compensate

Earth First Website Development and Hosting Ltd for all costs incurred

(including any product specifically purchased for the order) and will

otherwise protect against loss including loss of profit.

5 Printed goods cannot be returned for credit or refund unless they are

defective or incorrectly printed. If you have replied to you confirmation

e-mail and accepted it as a true likeness we are not responsible for any

errors you may have over looked.

" friendly warning this is the most commom error we encounter."

6: All goods are printed with modem inks and using a high standard

printing process. However, we shall not be held liable for inks wearing

off products through wear and tear. We will match PMS colours as

accurately as our inks will allow, but we cannot guarantee close matches

on anything other than white surfaces. Half tones and detailed graphics

may reproduce less than perfectly on some products and we will take no

responsibility for such imperfections other than where we have made

recommendations to the customer on our proof sheet. Earth First

shall not be held liable for errors where a proof has been

submitted to and approved by the customer. We shall not be liable for

any indirect or consequential loss or damage to the customer or for any

loss to the customer arising from third party claims occasioned by errors

in carrying out the work. PLEASE