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Plastic Cards - Magnetic Stripes

plastic business cards magnetic stripe

plastic business cards magnetic stripe

Magnetic stripe card

Our magnetic stripe cards are made of high strength pvc. They are weather proof, very wear-resistant and have a certain flexibility.

Usually, one side of the plastic card has the magnetic stripe, message about use, terms and conditions or perhaps directions such as inserting the card in the right direction, valid on a certain day, offers a certain discount, etc. The other side has the attractive face including basic information about the business

The stripe is made up of tiny magnetic particles in a resin. The particles are either applied directly to the card or made into a stripe on a plastic backing which is then applied to the card.

Standard low coercivity ( Lo Co)stripes use iron oxide as the material to make the particles, high coercivity ( Hi Co) stripes are made from other materials like barium ferrite. These materials are mixed with a resin to form a uniform slurry which is then coated onto a substrate. In the case of a credit card or similar application the slurry is usually coated onto a wide plastic sheet and dried. The coating is very thin and the plastic allows the coating to be handled. It is then sliced into stripe widths and applied to the card during the card manufacturing process.

  • Bar coding
  • Magnetic stripes  
  • Signature Panels
  • Scratch-Off panels
  • Abnormality Card
  • Hot-stamping (metallic foil)
  • Transparent or frosted plastic cards
  • Clear card with Hot-stamping
  • Ice Color, Golden, silver and satin / matte black
  • Paper-Plastic card with scratch-off panels
  • Sequential or Random Numbering
  • Blank Plastic cards
  • Smart card


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