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Plastic Cards - Bar Code Card


Barcode Card

We can apply a huge range of bar code to your card ranging from GS1 bar codes to the standart type 30 barcode. The bar code symbols are made up according to standard code rules. You can include such information as the items you are selling by using unique item numbers.

Bar code technology scans the identification information of the bar code and then changes the information into a language that a computer can decode. This information is then be processed by a computer to return information relating to the product such as price, and product details.

Make use of bar code technology to ensure information is processed quickly, accuratley and automatically.

  • Bar coding
  • Magnetic stripes  
  • Signature Panels
  • Scratch-Off panels
  • Abnormality Card
  • Hot-stamping (metallic foil)
  • Transparent or frosted plastic cards
  • Clear card with Hot-stamping
  • Ice Color, Golden, silver and satin / matte black
  • Paper-Plastic card with scratch-off panels
  • Sequential or Random Numbering
  • Blank Plastic cards
  • Smart card





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