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The Internet is fast becoming the greatest marketing medium on the planet. A web site address on your business card or any other promo item, effectively transforms it into a full colour interactive brochure that your potential customers can browse, 7 days a week 24 hours a day 365 days per year. Click here for more information on how the web can help your business. With economies of scale access to the web is getting easier all the time. We can show you how its done. Prices start at $ 800 Plus GST

Earth First have all the solutions that you need to get on-line. Check our Web Site Development Service before you go any where else. We know what it takes to present a professional image of your business online. Just a few happy customers below.




The Quality Hotel Plymouth International

A hotel that has a website that matches it's own high standards. Visually attractive yet easy to navigate. In the fast changing world of the internet this site is bound to go the distance. Includes Video and Sound.



This website specializes in the wonderful exercise known as pilates. It is practical, easy to navigate and is fast loading. It does well in the search engines and receives regular amount of traffic.


This website is a informational service offering state of the art flash animation and free video downloads. It enjoys fantastic search engine placements and receives 20 000 plus number of visitors on a regular basis.


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