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Plastic Cards - Other Applications

Plastic phone cards 
Paper phone card 
New recycle paper material, low cost, light weight, saving shipping costs......
without a doubt today's most popular and expanding application of cards. Everyone on the go uses these handy cards to manage their telecommunications budget and make phone calls at significantly discounted rates.
  • Bar coding
  • Magnetic stripes  
  • Signature Panels
  • Scratch-Off panels
  • Abnormality Card
  • Hot-stamping (metallic foil)
  • Transparent or frosted plastic cards
  • Clear card with Hot-stamping
  • Ice Color, Golden, silver and satin / matte black
  • Paper-Plastic card with scratch-off panels
  • Sequential or Random Numbering
  • Blank Plastic cards
  • Smart card
  • Plastic Gift cards
    Gift cards are rapidly replacing the old-fashioned gift certificates, bringing to one of the oldest pre-paid services the efficiency and security of Point of Sale Activation.

    Plastic business cards
    If you want a business card that will scream for attention, this is the card for you. Guaranteed to be noticed, guaranteed comments and guaranteed to be remembered!

    Plastic loyalty cards
    Marketing research consistently demonstrates that retaining existing customers is easier than establishing new ones. Integral to keeping customers is providing incentives that will inspire their loyalty. Customer-loyalty cards are an excellent marketing tool for rewarding current customers and attracting new ones.

    Plastic membership cards
    More and more people are joining organizations and communities.
    The ultimate expression of their membership or affiliation is accomplished with the presentation of a highly visible wallet-sized plastic card.

    Plastic key and access cards
    Virtually all modern hotels have converted their locks to use key cards for room access. Door-key cards can be customized and can display complementary promotional information's and advertising. Magnetic strips and smart cards offer a wide range of solutions. They are practical and provide security and access control.

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